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  • JEB FOODS Plantain flour is PALEO & NON-GMO Certified
  • Great source of Potassium – Plantains are known to be one of the most potassium rich food on the planet. Potassium is an electrolyte. May naturally help with high blood pressure and muscular functions
  • High Fiber – Regular digestive, may help with weight loss in Obesity
  • It is rich in iron and potassium
  • High in Vitamin C – May help to fight free radical damage
  • High in Vitamin A – May help boost your immune system
  • Contain Vitamin B6 – May help promote healthy brain function
  • Great source of Magnesium
  • The nutritional value of plantain flour makes it stand out as an important addition to a healthy diet
  • It is rich in iron and potassium
  • Plantain flour is lower in calories than the regular all-purpose flour
  • Plantain Flour is used as a healthier substitute for other baking flours.


JEB FOODS Plantain flour is the product of dry pulverized plantain slices.  Plantains are a staple food in West Africa. It is rich in iron, Ascorbic acid(Vitamin C), carotene and other vitamins. 

Jeb Foods Plantain flour is a healthier substitute for wheat flour and the all-purpose flour because it doesn’t contain gluten which is the main protein found in wheat and barley, has negative effects on the body. Many people are unable to digest the gluten in wheat.

Jeb Foods Plantain flour is popular in two Puerto Rican recipes, "pasteles" and "alcapurias". Both are pastries stuffed with meat, one is fried, the other is boiled. These pastries are made with plantain flour freshly grated plantains. If you're into tropical dishes, try the recipe below:

A few things you can do with Jeb Foods Unripe Plantain Flour,

For your Gluten free, Paleo, AIP, Vegan etc diet

  • Plantain Waffles
  • Plantain Buns
  • Plantain Chocolate chips
  • Plantain drop biscuit
  • Plantain pancakes
  • Plantain donuts
  • Plantain English muffins
  • Plantain cakes
  • Plantain bread
  • Plantain Brownies
  • Plantain tortilla
  • Plantain crust pizza

You get the gist. The list is endless. All you need is a little creativity

Plantain Pancakes:

  2 cups plantain flour

  3 tsp baking powder

  ½ tsp sea salt

  3 tablespoons cane juice crystals

  2 eggs

  3 tablespoons cooking oil

  1 cup milk

  Mix ingredients thoroughly and spoon onto hot griddle. Fruit can be added if desired.

**Egg substitute (for autoimmune paleo protocol)

2 Tbsp gelatin** (Great Lakes brand is from grass-fed beef)

6 Tbsp filtered** water

1 Tbsp additional coconut oil (for a total of 4 Tbsp)